Training & Coaching

Accelerate your understanding, knowledge and skills to leverage the potential of LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Whatever your needs and budget are, there is an option for you and your business.

Forward-thinking businesses today want to harness the power of social media to be more visible online, reach wider audiences and achieve their desired goals. But putting this into practice and seeing genuine results isn’t as simple as it sounds.

That’s why investing in upskilling your knowledge and understanding of how to maximise the potential of using LinkedIn or other social media platforms as part of your overall marketing strategy and plan is key if you want to achieve genuine results for your business using social media.

What’s included

Whether it’s starting from scratch or taking your skills to the next level, I offer a variety of training and coaching packages that are entirely bespoke to address your specific requirements so you can be assured of leaving the session or course with the exact knowledge and understanding you need to accelerate your social media goals.

Process & how it works

If you’d like to discuss what option is best for you, an initial call is the best first step to assess your circumstances and goals. I would then suggest the most suitable tailored package and create a bespoke session for you and your team or company with specific aims and goals in mind. All sessions are available virtually and depending on your set-up, location and budget, in-person training is also available.


Prices start from £175 for an online 60-minute 1:1 session to Team Training from £1000 (maximum of 10 participants). Bespoke training and coaching are both available, this includes for larger groups, prices are available on request.


Some of the coaching and training services I have run have covered:

  • How to Build Connections and Find Leads on LinkedIn
  • How to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile and Visibility
  • How to Repurpose Your Content to Make it Go Further and Save Time
  • How to Create Content that Reaches the Right Audiences
  • Tips and Tricks to Creating Engaging Instagram Reels

Kind Words

“Jo is the ultimate social media expert. Her understanding of what content will work on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter has never been more relevant than now.

With an innate knack for keeping up-to-date with all trends, she’s always one step ahead when it comes to crafting engaging posts that drive results. Whether you need help building a new audience from scratch OR want some assistance converting your current customer base, Jo will deliver.

She is also really transparent in her work and a joy to work with. I highly recommend Jo – she’s a powerful addition to any team”.

Margo Mulvihill

Founder, Where Digital Goes

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Still pondering what you need? Every service provided is bespoke to meet your specific requirements so let’s start with a conversation to pinpoint the best options.