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Power Hour £150
If you want to brush up on your knowledge and skills or have a specific query, you can book an hour with me to go over everything in detail.

These are some examples of topics but I can tailor it to whatever burning social media questions you have or topic you would like to focus on.

LinkedIn basics for a personal profile or company page
How to optimise your Personal Profile on LinkedIn
How to utilise Instagram for your business
How to get started with Instagram Reels
How to create content that converts

Social Media Management

If you are looking for support to manage your social channels, I can help with ongoing weekly posting, content creation, and engagement.

Monthly management starts from £500 per platform.


I provide bespoke training for individuals or groups. Whether it’s 1:1 coaching that you need, in-person or online group training, I tailor sessions to focus on your chosen area of social media or particular platforms, in line with the specific goals that you have.

Please get in touch with me for more details and a quote.


If you’re unsure about how to take your social media accounts to the next level, an audit can really help to drill down and provide clarity on what’s working, what’s not, and highlight where you need to focus in order to move forward. I will perform a detailed audit on your platforms and report back with my expert findings and provide some clear direction for you to take away and action.

Prices start from £250 per platform.


If you need to get your social media plan and goals on track, an in-depth strategy will help you to get focused on all the right areas in order to reach your target audience, and create content that converts. I will work closely with you to create a detailed strategy to provide a clear plan for your business that will help you to leverage your social media platforms to reach your goals.

Prices start from £750 per platform.

Facebook & Instagram/Meta Ads

If you are looking to build awareness and generate leads for your business then Facebook ads could be just what you need. Ads management prices start at £750 per month with a minimum spend budget of £600 per month and a £500 set up fee.

Jo Edge Social Media Management
How I can help you

From creating an in-depth social media strategy to help you make an impact, to setting up your socials from scratch, providing bespoke coaching, ongoing platform management, or carrying out a detailed audit of your channels to analyse what’s working and what’s not, every package is tailored for each client to address your specific needs and goals.

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